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  • Ms. Cynthia James

    Ms. Cynthia James

    Isaiah 54:13 “All your children will be taught by the Lord, and great will be their peace”
    I’d like to welcome you to our Fruit Gang Website and thank you for taking an interest in our outreach efforts.  It is our distinct privilege and purpose to efficiently serve you with all the resources at our disposal. We recognize the seriousness of God’s plan for every one of you and we, therefore, present a vast array of growth promoting products and services.
    BRIEF HISTORY:   When God first gave me the vision for this ministry back in 1993, I did not fully understand the challenges I was about to encounter.  However, I purposed in my heart to stay the course He had ordained for me despite any obstacles, hindrances or distractions (and there were many).  As I walked in the fires of affliction, I realized that God was giving me undaunted purpose, patience and passion.  This triad was inextricably linked to walking the narrow path of my life.  Through this process, Fruit Gang Outreach was born.  The object of this outreach is to build a first class platform which “launches out into the deep” to share the word of God through uniquely designed services and products.

  • Outreach


    Fruit Gang is a Christian drama/cartoon outreach which was organized in Pearl, Mississippi in 1997. Relocated to Illinois and was registered in 2007. The characters dressed in costumes designed as colorful apples reach out to people of all ages by teaching and dramatizing God’s Word. Based on Galatians 5:22-23, the nine characters demonstrate wholesome virtues (the fruit of the Spirit) for living a godly life. Like seeds planted in the hearts of God’s children, love and light are illuminated through plays, songs, books, videos, and games.



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  • Teaching good behavior and good words while having fun
  • Encouraging laughter
  • Ensuring learning
  • Creating wholesome relationships and trust
  • Partnering with other outreach teams to share God’s word

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